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A Tale of Two Cities

April 24, 2014

Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc., the content arm of Revolution, is on a roll. To help keep up, we have decided to open a sister office in Los Angeles, California. And a sister home as well.

Over the past year, we have uncovered some interesting opportunities in this market, and we continue to strengthen key relationships within the content marketing and entertainment industries. The Canadian brand remains strong, our offering is world-class and our rates are competitive.

To help accelerate our progress, we need to spend more time on the ground within this market. So, we are establishing a physical presence in Los Angeles, effective July 2014.

We will live and work half of the time in Los Angeles, and the other half in Saint John. We will continue to work with our amazing Revolution team, in the positions we hold today, providing our clients with the great service they deserve – clients from Calgary to Saint John, and from New York to Venice Beach.

Saint John will remain home for us, even though we will have two addresses. Revolution will remain here, delivering great work close to home and across the continent. We will continue to house an amazing cluster of businesses in our Creative Soup building. We will continue to volunteer within the Saint John community. We will be even more frequent customers of Saint John Airport and Skype.

This continues to be an amazing adventure – we’ll see where it takes us. We have to say we are pretty excited. We have great ambitions for Revolution and Talons. And we love that we can spread our wings while remaining rooted in Saint John, New Brunswick – like so many other businesses here do.

Stay tuned for more news... And photos on Instagram.

Derek Riedle
Executive Producer
Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc.
Strategic & Creative Counsel
Revolution Strategy

Terri Riedle
Revolution Strategy