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We saw a need for a worldwide standard. Announcing the Global Cannabis Partnership.

Our social responsibility framework encompasses seven pillars that describe our commitment to people, our community and industry, the environment and ethics.

Remember that TV show we produced with our friends at Hemmings House? Next week, the show will air on the W Network.

It’s April and this means a couple of things: the snow banks are finally melting in Saint John, the sun continues to shine in California, and we’re due to share some news

CCI Entertainment Inc., Hemmings Films Ltd. and Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc. are pleased to announce the beginning of principal production of “Real Houses of….”

It's amazing what a different angle and a cool filter can do for the weekend iPhone photographer.

Our kids are creative too. This amazing monster stuffy was made by one of our favourite little ladies. Future designer?


Not sure who thought it was worth the time to carve these eyes, but she's my hero…


No kitchen? Use a bus. No billboard? Use your home. Radical approach by the happy dudes and dudettes at Happy Dudes Surf Emporium and Dude’s Food.


Amazing what you can do with some cardboard and an old green t-shirt when Halloween becomes competitive.


Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc., the content arm of Revolution, is on a roll. To help keep up, we have decided to open a sister office in Los Angeles, California.

A year ago in a post titled “New Strategy, New Structure.” we announced we were making some changes at Revolution Strategy. This included growing the business into new markets. Read more...

True to our mantra, Never Stand Still, we’re making some changes at Revolution Strategy, and we’re pretty excited as we embark on the next chapter in our agency’s life. Read more...

It’s pretty great when you're in business with awesome partners. We love being able to collaborate with these folks all under one roof.